Thursday, May 28, 2009

SCLW- A new support Level being established

Although I usually avoid the technical side of stocks, there is a validity of how they show trends. Nearly any stock that makes a large rise in a short time will experience a pull back and re establish a ground floor (or support level). Lately selling off has far outweighed buying as profit takers take money off the table.

After a 400% run in 4 weeks, you expect a pull back. Right now the support is sitting right in the lower .60's which is where we have been sitting. Sure, its better than the old support of .30, but im sure all of you would agree it would have been better to be sitting around .85 support that it held for a little while. With no real resistance at the time till nearly $1.20, I think many were hoping we could gain support just under $1 and hold.

What I think everyone is holding their breath for is the inevitable run once the street (or regular investors) get wind of the company and start to come in. Majority of the support remains within a group.

It wont take much outside buying to send this flying, but I dont think any of us will see it coming. It could be from just one article or press release that causes it. But it MUST be maintained with momentum, or you can have another drop.

The refreshing part is that the company has never "pumped" the stock. This company has refused to push for false runs. No mass emails, no IR firms sending out mailers and faxes. While this generates liquidity, it also will cause the stock to drop massively afterwords. When you have a legit company, you dont need to resort to this. The right way is to continue to get the company out there in the publics eye for its products not its stock potencial.

Right now we have some resistance below a $1 but not much. It wont take much to get us back over a $1.

Hopefully we end the week up, not another down week.

More Online and published Talk

Quite a lot is being said about Bill My Parents. Just by googling "Bill My Parents" you will come up with thousands of hits now. Good and bad people are talking....but they are talking.

Here was another print/ Online article regarding BMP that the writer weighs both sides of what his paper has been hearing. From the Joplin Globe:

Published May 27, 2009 06:47 pm - A new Web site is aimed at capturing some of the $40 billion that American teens and tweens annually spend on purchases that they research online but purchase offline because they don’t have credit cards to complete the online transaction.

Mat Anderson: You can just "Bill My Parents"

In case your teen hasn’t already brought it to your attention, a new Web site called has just launched.

It is aimed at capturing some of the $40 billion that American teens and tweens annually spend on purchases that they research online but purchase offline because they don’t have credit cards to complete the online transaction. — the mere name of this site makes some parents uneasy — allows your teen to browse (and soon several other sites), and when he encounters an item he can’t live without, he can click the “BillMyParents” icon and enter a begging message that will likely include phrases such as “Please, please, please,” “I really need this because …” and “If you buy this for me I will …”

From there an e-mail will be sent directly to you allowing you to review the item(s) that your teen desires, leaving you to choose to either deny the request or complete the transaction by entering your credit-card information.

Like any new technological innovation, especially one that concerns young people and money, this new site has received both high praise and sharp criticism. Supporters of this site point out that it is a great tool for parents, as it allows them the final say on what their teen spends money on, and it also provides more security than letting teens borrow a parent’s credit card for purchases. Additionally, because the site utilizes, teens can be encouraged toward thriftiness by shopping around for the lowest price on an item. In many cases, teens may even opt to buy a used item rather than a new one.

However, there are drawbacks to the use of this site. While allowing teens and tweens to shop online in this way does streamline the process of buying things for your kids, the purely digital nature of it diminishes the ability for parents to use each of their child’s requests to sit down and talk about responsible shopping, spending and saving.

Additionally, this system does nothing to show young people how the real world works. I think there is a lot to be said for a young person saving her money to buy something she wants and then going through the actual process of handing over cash in exchange for the item. With the BillMyParents system, young people are excluded from the actual transaction and getting what they desire is reduced to a few mouse clicks and a pleading e-mail to Mom or Dad.

This absence of classic financial transactions in the lives of our youth is also a major contributor to rampant teen credit-card debt in our country. Many young people — and adults — don’t understand the consequences of their decisions and merely think of how easy it is to swipe a plastic card or enter some numbers on a Web site to get what they want. Unfortunately, it is this same culture of living beyond our means, not properly weighing our wants and needs and pushing the responsibility of footing the bill to someone else that has led to our nation’s current financial predicament.

Nonetheless, I’m not saying that is going to lead to the financial ruin of the next generation. I believe that this site will become extremely successful and is a useful way to simplify online shopping for some families.

But when new technology like this is being used by young people, it is important for parents to consider what messages it is sending to their kids and what teachable opportunities may be missed by transforming nagging trips to the mall to an inbox of purchase requests.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

News on Yahoo Tech

BillMyParents lets kids and parents bond over shopping

I've yet to determine if this idea is genius or nightmare, but I have to give it credit for trying something new.

Put simply, BillMyParents is a startup with the goal of making it easier to let your kids beg you to buy them stuff.

With BillMyParents, little Teddy doesn't need to copy the URL of a product he wants and email it to you, he can virtually purchase the item himself -- contingent on your approval.

The idea: Teddy goes to a website that has BillMyParents enabled, and instead of completing the shopping process normally, he hits a button that sends the item straight to mom or dad. Teddy can offer a justification for why he needs the product, alongside information (automatically filled in) about the price of the item and the store that's selling it.

If the parent approves, the transaction continues. Otherwise, the deal is canceled and the kid gets grounded for wasting dad's time.

I like the idea for two big reasons: It creates a paper trail for the things you buy your children -- so you'll know pretty quickly how much you're really spending on their "needs" -- and it forces the child to justify what he wants, in writing. Rather than letting your kids just whine in a personal audience in front of you, BillMyParents gives you a legitimate outlet to tell them to use to send you a formal request for whatever it is they want, and you'll be able to consider it on your own time. Whining averted.

BillMyParents hopes to partner with merchants to add its button to their shopping sites. But for now, the only place you can use BillMyParents is on the company's own website, where it operates an Amazon affiliate store.

Is this something you would use in your family? Check it out here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

SCLW- NEWS Tracking

Monday May 18, 2009 was the launch of Socialwise’s BillMyParents web site. As our press release explains, Socialwise has established BillMyParents as a unique youth payment system on the web (see full text press release by clicking “In The News” to the left). In the coming months, Socialwise will be announcing new products, services, and capabilities for the BillMyParents.

Because Socialwise will be generating a significant amount of news, we have created an online News Coverage Tracking Service for your convenience. This will provide you with a centralized location to find news about BillMyParents and Socialwise.

In fact, since our Monday announcement, BillMyParents has obtained coverage from CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and Reuters, among others. Please click on this link to see that coverage:

News Coverage Tracking Service Link

This site will be updated automatically each day, and I invite you to bookmark this site and check it frequently for new content

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SCLW- Pullback continuing?

I think everyone saw a pullback coming, but were hoping it would not pull us back this far. After nearly 400% gain in a month, this is expected. I guess thats why they call it free markets.....

Obviously you can see some of the pullback being profit takers stacked with some short sellers, but I also see the institutional buying pulling back their support. I would guess they are pulling the rug from under the sellers hoping to get cheap shares. Its a common tactic of Market makers. With bid support dwindling under very little pressure, thats what it is. Its a long term tactic for traders.

I would not be surprised if the short interest, which was only 1600 shares recently, is now above 50K. Its opening some great opportunities for people to get somes shares again cheaper. Many had felt they missed the great prices when we were trading above a $1, but here we are again.

Looking for Friday to close out the week strong and end the news worthy week even or up.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Here they come article

Hitting Up Mom & Dad For Cash Is Just A Click Away
Published: Tuesday, 19 May 2009 | 4:03 PM ET
By: Christina Cheddar Berk
News Editor

As if kids needed another way to hit up their parents for cash, a San Diego company is launching a new payment service called "BillMyParents" to make it easier for kids to shop online.

Bill My Parents logo

Socialwise [SCLW 0.93 -0.08 (-7.92%) ] CEO James Collas expects the service to appeal to kids as young as 10 years old, straight through to twentysomethings who are still tied to their parents' purse strings.

The system works through buttons next to items posted on online shopping sites. When selected, they allow kids to email or text a note to their parents about what they would like to buy. Parents then review the request and can approve or reject it. The system's designed to let parents keep their credit card information to themselves.

According to Harris Interactive, kids spend about $132 billion each year, and about $40 billion of that spending is researched online, but purchased at stores. Why? Teens often don't have access to a credit card to buy the products online themselves.

If successful, BillMyParents could shift a bigger chunk of that cash to e-commerce sites.

Still, the launch does face a few hurdles. First, it comes at a time when teen spending is being crimped by recession-pinched parents and a weak market for teen jobs. The effects of the softer spending have been especially apparent at teen apparel retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch [ANF 26.55 0.48 (+1.84%) ] .

Also, the company has yet to sign up any retail partners, but it is operating a shopping site powered by [AMZN 77.87 1.92 (+2.53%) ] through that merchant's associate program. The BillMyParents site essentially opens the door to the entire inventory on Amazon and gives potential retail partners a feel for how the program works.

The company does have a foothold in the world of online social networking and gaming. SocialWise has struck a deal with Artix Entertainment, Habbo, Outspark and RockYou!, among others. The partnership would make it easier for kids who visit those sites purchase virtual goods as part of the online game or social network experience.

As for Socialwise, the company's business model works a lot like Paypal. It gets a commission of anywhere from 3 to 5 percent of the purchase price for each transaction. However, parents also pay a 50-cent fee for every transaction they approve.

"What we're really pitching is the safety and security of the site as a service for the parents," says Collas, who was the former chief technology officer of Gateway.

"This is going to give parents a controlled way to scrutinize their children's spending," Collas says.

But will it pass the Mom test? Granted there is an advantage in finding a way to avoid passing Junior the plastic.

Oh, and what about "BillMyHusband" or "BillMyWife"? Collas has registered many other "BillMy" domains but he doesn't have any plans to veer from the youth demographic at this time. However, the company may expand into offering a debit card that can automatically be loaded with a weekly allowance.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SCLW- Penny Stocks - Wall Street Journal Blog

This was just released this morning on the (Wall Street Journal).

Letting Web-Savvy Kids “Bill My Parents”

Internet companies are trying to come up with a solution for one of the classic headaches of parenting: kids begging for money.

On Monday, a service called “Bill My Parents” launched to allow kids to virtually send online purchases to parents for approval and payment — instead of asking mom and dad for their credit cards.

The service, operated by San Diego-based Socialwise Inc., aspires to remove some of the hurdles that currently keep kids from buying things online. The company points to research by Harris Interactive, which says that American teens and tweens spend $40 billion annually on purchases that they researched online but purchased offline, at least partly because they didn’t have any way to complete the purchase online.

Bill My Parents works in a manner that will be familiar to employees of large companies that use online expense tracking systems. Kids will find something they want to buy online, but instead of going through a traditional credit card-based payment system, they click a “bill my parents” button, which sends an email about the potential purchase to a selected parent. If the parent approves the purchase, the parent will be billed for the purchase to his or her own credit card. “It automates a process that already exists and is tedious,” says Bill My Parents CEO James Collas.

For now, the service works just for purchases on — and only through a special “Bill My Parents” shop for the site, which you can find here. But Collas says that he’s gotten interest from a number of sites to integrate a “bill my parents” button right into regular e-commerce sites and into online games. Eventually, he also plans to connect the service into social networking sites, and unveil a service so kids can collect and spend allowances and cash gifts through the online service.

The company makes money by charging a 3% to 5% commission to a merchant for a sale, and also charging parents 50 cents to complete a transaction.

There’s growing competition to make e-commerce easier for kids. EBay’s PayPal, which normally offers online payment services to people 18 and older, is currently testing a student account in the U.S. for children aged 13 and up. The service offers a subset of the features of its regular payment service, including use of its mobile application and the ability to receive a PayPal debit card. Some banks also already offer special debit cards for teenagers.

And Apple’s iTunes music store and some online game publishers long ago figured out the simplest strategy of all: sell gift cards at convenience stores that kids can redeem online. Even old fashioned cash allowances can pay for those.

SCLW- Another good day Tuesday?

I predicted Mondays run up earlier, and am going out on a limb to say we should see another big day Tuesday. Im thinking we will break $1.10 on over 150,000 as momentum continues. I think we have a few short sellers stuck in their positions to help seal the deal. Short sellers will generally always come in on a nice run like we have had. Now they are just getting squeezed. Now if short sellers get momentum, we could close down. Lets hope for the former.

Monday, May 18, 2009

SCLW- Penny Stocks - Reuters Blog

May 18th, 2009

“Don’t look at me, I’m just a kid — bill my parents!”

Posted by: Alexandria Sage
Tags: Shop Talk, , , , , , , ,

bill2Ah, youth. How free and easy it all seems. Especially after the launch of a new payments system, BillMyParents.

The system geared to teens and tweens — who ideally have good relationships with their hopefully indulgent parents — allows parents to approve purchases coveted by their kids and foot the bill.

The idea of the youth payment system is to capture some of the $40 billion spent by kids who end up shopping at traditional retailers only because without a credit card, they have no way to pay for stuff online, says the company’s chief executive, Jim Collas. Collas is the former chief technology officer for PC maker Gateway.

Whereas consumers have a host of options in online payments systems, including eBay’s PayPal, Google Checkout and Checkout with Amazon, Collas says his system is the most convenient for parents and teens.

Parents pay 50 cents per total transaction after they approve and pay for their kids’ shopping lists that are automatically sent to them via email or text, and merchants pay a percentage to BillMyParents.

Currently, BillMyParents is powered by with Amazon’s shopping cart integrated into the website. Kids can access the entire inventory of the global online retailer.

BillMyParents, which is owned by Socialwise Inc, plans to have up to a dozen more retailers participating within nine months and the ultimate goal is for the BillMyParents payment button to be integrated into the online retailers’ websites.

Besides the retail angle, Collas sees a huge opportunity in the gaming world, which allows kids to buy virtual goods online — a market estimated at over $1 billion — as they play their favorite video games.

Penny Stock- SCLW- Facebook and other social media exploding

This weekend I read a nice blog about how Facebook and Twitter are steaming over Google's once held private property and claiming it for themselves.....sending traffic to blogs. It shows the power of social networking sites and how they continue to pull ground from the other internet giants.

Love him or hate him, this is a great article from Mark Cuban ( Mark is very web business savvy (and business in general). He gives some great commentary on how the web is changing from time to time. Its probably one of my top 5 favorite blog sites to frequent.

With Socialwise (SCLW) utilizing this rapidly growing frontier, they are positioning themselves to make quick headway toward a national name recognition.

SCLW- Penny Stocks - CNET Article

This just hit the wires on CNET.COM Bill My Parents makes it easy...

May 17, 2009 9:00 PM PDT

BillMyParents makes it easy for kids to spend parents' money

There's a cute new payment service just launching: BillMyParents. It's a way that kids ("tweens," according to the founder) can shop in online stores and easily spend their parents' money--if their parents later agree to buy them the stuff they want.

The system puts little BillMyParents buttons next to items in online retail. To check out, kids write optional notes to their parents about the items they want. Parents get e-mail notifications and can approve and pay for individual items directly.

Kids never get access to their parents' credit cards. And parents don't have to visit the store sites their children found the items on.

Jim Collas, CEO of SocialWise, which makes BillMyParents, says it is "focused on the communication between tween and parent." As inclined as I am to disparage systems that put the Web in the middle of the parent/child relationship, I actually think this idea works. It doesn't reduce or remove communication in a family, in fact it could increase it. And it makes it easier to mark, track, and purchase online items.

When a child sends parents a request through BillMyParents, the parent can buy the item directly from the request page. Or, of course, deny it.

(Credit: Screenshot by Rafe Needleman/CNET)

BillMyParents is also focused on making money. Collas points to the $28 billion spent online by the "youth demographic," and says he's also eyeing the $40 billion spent offline on products researched on the Web. Much of this commerce, he says, goes offline because the child can't buy the item. BillMyParents will make money from transaction feeds.

The challenge of BillMyParents is that is has to be integrated into online retail sites. At launch, the company has no customers to announce. The company will have an Amazon affiliate store, though, which will let any item on that service get routed through BillMyParents for approval, and then back to Amazon for purchase.

But Collas said he believes his solution will increase commerce on the sites it ends up on. He says the BillMyParents buttons can be placed on item pages, not in an online store's shopping cart, which makes the kids' "check-out" that much easier. Also, he points to the opportunities to integrate with sites and online worlds that sell virtual goods.

A secondary line of service, a debit card that can be loaded up with a kid's allowance, is coming in the future. Also, when I jokingly asked Collas if he was going to release services like "BillMyHusband" or "BillMyWife," he said seriously that he has registered many other "BillMy" domains. He does not have plans to expand his market from the youth demographic, though.

I believe this service's primary challenge is one of sales. It needs to get some merchants on board. PayPal could compete with it. So could the credit card companies. But those companies could also buy BillMyParents. It's a smart business.

Rafe Needleman writes about start-ups, new technologies, and Web 2.0 products, as editor of CNET's Webware. E-mail Rafe.

NEWS- SCLW- Bill My Parents Launches

BillMyParents Launches Unique Online Payment System for Teens and Parents

New Payment Processing System Enables Teens and Tweens to Make Secure Online Purchases, Parents Get Insight and Control Over Expenditures

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Socialwise, Inc. (OTCBB:SCLW - News) today launched BillMyParents, an innovative online youth payment system that gives teens the freedom to shop online and parents the control over these purchases -- all in a simple, automated system that keeps credit card numbers and other personal information safe and secure.

Out of the more than $132 billion spent annually by youth, $40 billion is spent offline on products researched online. Lack of a credit card was cited by 40% of teens as the reason why they don’t buy online*. “The online teen spending market is hugely underserved and BillMyParents is uniquely poised to tap into the desire for teens to be able to shop online, while still letting parents maintain control in a safe and secure environment,” said James Collas, CEO of Socialwise.

The BillMyParents payment system platform addresses this untapped teen spending market with a multifaceted approach to online payment processing for teens and tweens, and gives them an easy way to purchase products online without a credit card. Using the BillMyParents button at the point of sale, teens can initiate a purchase in seconds. Parents complete the purchase at their convenience through a simple, easy to use, and automated system enabled by instant email and text notifications.

At launch, the BillMyParents payment system platform includes the following elements:

  • BillMyParents Shopping e-commerce site: To give teens immediate access to more than a million products, BillMyParents has launched a shopping site powered by through their associate program. The BillMyParents Shopping site ( gives teens and tweens access to the entire inventory available online on today, without needing a credit card to make purchases. Teens will be able to use the BillMyParents system to seamlessly make their selections and send parents their shopping requests to either approve or deny.
  • Partnerships with leading online social Web sites: To date, BillMyParents has forged unique partnerships with leading online gaming sites and social network applications targeted at teens and tweens, including Artix Entertainment, Habbo, Outspark and RockYou!, among others, addressing a total potential market of up to 100 million users across these sites alone. Scheduled to be rolled out into these, and other, partner sites in the coming weeks and months, BillMyParents is designed to easily integrate into partner sites, prior to the shopping cart or checkout page, in only a few days with minimal effort. This upfront placement immediately informs teens and tweens, who may not otherwise have a way to pay, that a credit card is not required to initiate the transaction, incentivizing them to request the purchase then and there. With an estimated $1.5 billion of virtual goods purchased each year globally**, BillMyParents provides a service that allows social networking and gaming sites to begin increasing revenues from virtual goods immediately.
  • Social network shopping application: In yet another way to reach the teen marketplace, BillMyParents has developed account management applications for leading social networks, such as MySpace and Facebook, that will let teens and tweens track their purchase requests made with BillMyParents, enable their friends to see their recent purchases, and rate products all from a dashboard on their social network profiles. Announced today, the social network application will be publicly available in the coming weeks.

BillMyParents is also currently focused on signing up large third party online retailers.

“Our partnership with Socialwise and BillMyParents adds a valuable and unique payment feature to our online role playing games,” said Daniel Vasile, business development manager of Artix Entertainment, LLC. “Many of our 80 million registered users worldwide are under 18, and by offering our young gamers and their parents an innovative, safe and easy way to make purchases and enhance game play, Artix is continuing to offer leading-edge features that enhance the gaming experience.”

BillMyParents is led by an experienced management team and advisory board, including CEO James Collas, who previously was the chief technology officer of Gateway and helped take it public. Advisory board members include technology industry veterans Maynard Webb, who brings 30 years of experience developing and leading high-growth companies including serving in the role of chief operating officer at eBay, Inc., and Joe Abrams, co-founder of Intermix, the parent company of MySpace which was sold to News Corp. in 2005.

How it Works

The BillMyParents system is ingeniously simple. Teens and tweens can shop online using BillMyParents, either via BillMyParents enabled social networks, virtual worlds or online gaming sites. Once they have made their selections, BillMyParents sends a notification to the parent or other adult guardian, by email or mobile text, through an automated, instantaneous system. Parents then review the teens’ selections and can approve or deny each request individually, or as a group. For the approved selections, the parent then enters their credit card information to complete the transaction. The whole process can be completed within minutes without the teen, or the merchant, ever gaining access to sensitive credit card details or other personal information. The simplicity and speed of BillMyParents lets the teen resume shopping or play without ever having to leave the e-commerce site.

About BillMyParents

BillMyParents is the innovative new youth payment system that lets teens and tweens shop online without a credit card, while giving parents the ability to easily track and control their teen’s spending. With a simple email request and approval system, BillMyParents provides the independence young people crave and the control over spending that parents want - while ensuring that credit card numbers and personal information are kept safe and secure. BillMyParents is currently available as a payment system in select online retail environments, in addition to social network, virtual world and online gaming Web sites. BillMyParents is a division of Socialwise (OTCBB:SCLW - News). For more information:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Penny Stocks- SCLW- Magic Monday

I am anticipating a strong Monday. Hopefully we will get our much awaited news prior to market open. If so I see a .15+ gain coming. We might get a little pull back on Tuesday, but if we get our news, I see us breaking $1 this week. Then its a whole new game. If the bid support continues, no way we stay below $1.50 very long. A nice double from here.

Its nice to be back.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

HOW SCLW Can Be The Next Qualcomm QCOM

I can hear it now....."You're Crazy!" Socialwise cannot be a Qualcomm.

Dont say I am crazy just yet. At least give me a chance to explain.

Okay, I must admit, Socialwise may not have anything like what Qualcomm accomplished with its CDMA technology in 1990's, but I think "Bill my Parents" could make a comparable national impact.

But thats not what I want to compare. I want to compare SHAREHOLDER base and how Qualcomm became a stock market giant because of this principle.

(Theres another reason I picked QCOM over the hundreds of companies that I could compare to Socialwise, oddly enough its literally located right across the street from Socialwise's offices.)

Lets look at a little history:

October 1998. Qualcomm stock was sitting below $2.60. Company was moving forward and there was lots of excitement. The stock had slowly made its way from .47 to where it was above $2.50.

What was unique is the company wasnt making a lot of money as opposed to shares outstanding at the time. However it had a small outstanding share structure of 73MM (compared to its earnings of only 5.4MM that quarter) and a loyal group of shareholders. This was because its shareholder base was mainly comprised of employees who believed in the company.

With the key ingredients below, and the tech boom looming Qualcomm was prepped for a major run.

Heres what Qualcomm had going for it:

  • Small outstanding shares 73MM
  • Strong leadership- officers knew what they had, and how to manage. They also understood the stock side.
  • A great product that was going national/global. Everyone saw potential.
  • Relatively low overhead
  • Cash flow positive
  • Depressed stock market with investors looking for something new
  • Major companies looking to get involved w/QCOM
  • and most importantly a VERY loyal shareholder base.

Keep in mind, Im using QCOM just for example purposes, because, talking with Jim Collas, you quickly learn one thing...HE GETS IT. The CEO's that get it, and have a legit national product, CAN duplicate these types of results (maybe not to this extent).
Its not easy, but think of it as a mold. The most important part of that mold ultimately (with a publicly traded company) is the shareholder base. (more on that in a bit....)

A few months later, Starting in 1999 QCOM's stock, even while being heavily diluted, made this incredible run:

Ultimately the stock went from $3 to $90 in 13 months....and in a few years actually went from .47 to $90. That means the little small cap investor that bought $1000 worth at .50 had well over $150,000, and thats if he sold off 3 months after it peaked and headed down . That should open some eyes.

"How in the world does Socialwise compare?"

Well if you go by the above bullet points, Socialwise is only missing 1 key flow positive. However, that may only be weeks/months away. In fact overhead is SO low, that Socialwise could do very well this year after all, even if its only making money the last few months of the year.

But thats not the real issue. All these points are nice, but many companies have those ingredients and their stock fails to make much, if any, splash.

The number one reason for our success will be (large) shareholder retention.

This is why Socialwise is different. You have funds, investment bankers and investor relations teams that all have one goal in mind, shareholder retention. They are not out to make a quick buck and burn each other, but oddly enough are working together. This is extremely rare in the markets, and especially with start ups. They see the big picture.

How do I know? Well, I do know a few of those involved. But it also is obvious given the dropping of the stock and what did(n't) happen.
I must say, I actually believe the BEST thing that happened to the stock was it tanking to .30!

Let me explain:
After its all said and done, nobody burned each other. Now they(those involved on the stock side) know with out a shadow of a doubt, when the chips are down, they will stick together. They also know, the shareholder base is extremely loyal, so they wont have to feel the need to jump ship when things are going well.

If you dont have a good working knowledge of the small cap industry, the stock market and how most large shareholders, IR firms and investment banks work in this industry you might not understand or believe what Im about to say but...

With the conditions in the markets, SCLW should have tanked, much, much, much lower. We could have been under 5 cents, and definitely under .10, but possibly under .01. "Really?" Yes really...

But we are here because of 90% of the large shareholder base (10K shares plus holders) held firm. We had a few people jump out, but some of them are looking pretty bad right now. All and all its summed up by the biggest investors comment: "This is by far the most loyal shareholder base I have ever been a part of".

Good news is that the IR firm continues to look for loyal shareholders to bring in, including the institutional buying.

Do I see this going above $50 or $60? If I was to guess, I would say no. However NOBODY can tell, its all going to be about shareholder base, and the excitement generated by the product and ultimately emotions behind the stock. However, if this base remains strong, and the company does what it should do, even on the low end, there is NO reason we cant see $10+, even $15 to $20. I remain confident that we will see a 52 week high by the end of the year, and if the markets remain stable, $10+ by the end of 2010, and hopefully much sooner.

Buy into it or not, thats how this small company stock can ultimately compare to QCOM as a stock.

Am I crazy? Only time will tell.

Short interest- SCLW- Socialwise

Its situations like this when you really want to see some short selling. With so much buying taking place, short sellers would only help our cause. Called the short squeeze... (If you dont know what Short selling is, please reference this "Short Selling" posts).

Short selling is all but gone from SCLW. According to the records, there are less than 5000 short right now, maybe much less (info is 3 weeks old. If we can maintain this, and build shareholder confidence to continue to hold, we could see movement not seen in a stock in a long time. I like our chances...and I will parallel SCLW with another company that you have heard of later.

Friday, May 15, 2009

SCLW - Breaking that .85 barrier- and not looking back

Just like a snake shedding its skin, Ideaedge shed its old name and symbol (IDAE) to emerge with new life as Socialwise.

Socialwise stock is rolling again! Right before the Bill my Parents launch as well. (Check out the new Bill my Parents website). I would anticipate the news early next week to go with this spike in volume and share price.
Now that we are on a roll, we have a few barriers to break. If we can break through the resistance at .85 to close out the week, I see an open door to $1 next week without any major resistance. With very strong Bid support running down into the mid .70's, we certainly wont see a reversal. Im hoping we can close at .87 or higher.

Buzz on the street has started up again, with realistic talk of a $6 share price by years end, and these are VERY conservative numbers. One person involved is saying they consider this a bust if it doesnt make $10, knowing what he knows.

We are a long, long way from that, but considering what is taking place right now, I would have to agree. Only 3 weeks ago, an .85 goal was as realistic (or seemed) as $5 is today. Ive seen a lot of pennies stock companies in my life, and majority of them are bust. But I must admit, Socialwise is truly 1 in 1000. All the hype and hope I have heard and shared over the last few months fell on deaf ears because of the share price and the general markets, however that is changing, and changing quickly. People are talking again.

A month ago the majority of complaints centered around share price of .27. Today the majority of complaints are "I wish I would have bought more at .30". Well, I told you, and Ill tell you again. Its not to late to average your position.

Its a new day for Socialwise....and its only just begun.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SCLW- Socialwise up nearly 300%

Socialwise SCLW, is entering a new phase. Returning to its old glory again perhaps?

Lets take a look at the chart:Red are sell days, green buy days (more buying than selling)

If the volume was not evidence enough that we are out of the woods, the price should be. From April 20th when we had a .26 Bid, we are up nearly 300%.

Thats nearly 300% in 18 sessions! Average Volume prior to this time was just over 30,000. Since then its over 100,000 shares daily. If your not aware a 20% increase in volume will generally garner a lot of interest. But 300% increase in daily volume? That will get people talking again (and has as evidenced by the share price).

Just in fundamentals alone, this stock is going to raise eyebrows. Although we may not look at fundamentals, but rather the company, many other investors do keep an eye on the charts, bid support, daily moving average , etc. What they see is a strong upward trend developing.

I also want you to notice the bid support that we have had. I am seeing a lot more "retail" bid support from the likes of Etrade and UBSS. UBS is what Charles Schwab and I believe Ameritrade use.

I think we have institutional buying that has been using LAFC, and maybe even Knight (NITE), telling me that some investors are jumping over to grab some shares that they deem cheap again. This is a very good sign. If this type of bid support continues, I think we close next week above $1 after the news hits. Not much in the way of short sellers, and if we can keep them away as we did the first time till we flirted with $2, this could again happen quickly. This time I dont see it sputtering above $2.50 however. Despite the fact that many of us still are below our average (those of you who havent averaged down) we are still looking great again.

Let me know if you have any questions

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Media campaign and Socialwise Ticker Change

Finally the company completed its final portion of the name change (as per the recommendation from their media company) to include a ticker symbol change.
This also will include a media campaign kicking off next week!

Here we are:

Old Ideaedge Ticker: IDAE

New Socialwise Ticker: SCLW

IDAE -Socialwise Continues Strong

IDAE continues to absorb very large blocks of sales. Just today, minutes before close IDAE absorb some large sell order of 25,000 shares without missing a beat to close upward. The bid support continues to remain very strong signalling the beginning of something big.

No doubt we are moving northbound, and strong.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Strong Bid Support

As I have been talking about for the last few weeks we are finally seeing very strong bid support. Not only have we left the .27 bid far behind, but the stock is consolidating and building strength, probably in anticipation of the BMP (Bill My Parents) launch and the media set up behind it. Its is apparent that money is currently flowing into the stock, and lots of it.

One thing I want you to notice is that the buyers are taking their time and pulling in as many sellers as possible. This is why you have a nice up day, scattered by some smaller down days. This reflects, in my opinion some strong institutional buying. We are finally past the dog days and off the floor, heading upward.

I still see this as a GREAT time to get in. Especially for those who need to dollar cost average down. With the BMP launch, I see no reason why we shouldnt see .80 to $1 in the very short term. Im going to predict we should be to 52 week highs again by August.

Email or post comments with any questions.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Now coming! Socialwise Launch of BMP (Bill My Parents)

According to several sources outside the company, and in accordance with its time line, Socialwise is still on target to hit its launch date. The BMP platform is expected to be launched prior to the 60 day window ending Monday, May 25th. Although waiting till that Monday, wouldnt be all bad. It would give the market a full week to react prior to the weekend. However the buzz is it should hit sometime prior.

I expect with the launch we should see a large increase in volume on the shares, even from its current increase. Why? I have a feeling that many of the institutional buyers are still waiting till the product is out, to pull the trigger on a large position. This is coming from some comments I have heard over the last few months outside the company.

Despite the share price, believe it or not there is an awful lot of anticipation about IdaeEdges BMP launch in the investment community. Will it be easy to use? Will it work? Will the word get out quickly and grow exponentially? How will the media react?

These are all valid questions for the investment community to ask. I think the answer to these questions will all be positive.
I do know one thing, that this launch will be with the second version of BMP...right or wrong, I guess it could be labeled BMP 2.0. It is my understanding that they had a fully working version at the beginning of the year, but thought they could make it much better and easier, so they decided not to announce the launch of the first version. That would line up with Jim Collas' thinking. He (and the rest of the team) are always trying to improve on what they have. Now with the date looming, and the company on track, anticipation and excitment is at an alltime high.

Be excited folks, the future of Socialwise, and our investment, is nearly here.