Saturday, May 16, 2009

Short interest- SCLW- Socialwise

Its situations like this when you really want to see some short selling. With so much buying taking place, short sellers would only help our cause. Called the short squeeze... (If you dont know what Short selling is, please reference this "Short Selling" posts).

Short selling is all but gone from SCLW. According to the records, there are less than 5000 short right now, maybe much less (info is 3 weeks old. If we can maintain this, and build shareholder confidence to continue to hold, we could see movement not seen in a stock in a long time. I like our chances...and I will parallel SCLW with another company that you have heard of later.

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  1. Careful what you wish for with your comment about wanting a little short selling. All short selling creates duplication, more shares = lower prices. Help stamp out this idiocy: