Friday, May 8, 2009

Now coming! Socialwise Launch of BMP (Bill My Parents)

According to several sources outside the company, and in accordance with its time line, Socialwise is still on target to hit its launch date. The BMP platform is expected to be launched prior to the 60 day window ending Monday, May 25th. Although waiting till that Monday, wouldnt be all bad. It would give the market a full week to react prior to the weekend. However the buzz is it should hit sometime prior.

I expect with the launch we should see a large increase in volume on the shares, even from its current increase. Why? I have a feeling that many of the institutional buyers are still waiting till the product is out, to pull the trigger on a large position. This is coming from some comments I have heard over the last few months outside the company.

Despite the share price, believe it or not there is an awful lot of anticipation about IdaeEdges BMP launch in the investment community. Will it be easy to use? Will it work? Will the word get out quickly and grow exponentially? How will the media react?

These are all valid questions for the investment community to ask. I think the answer to these questions will all be positive.
I do know one thing, that this launch will be with the second version of BMP...right or wrong, I guess it could be labeled BMP 2.0. It is my understanding that they had a fully working version at the beginning of the year, but thought they could make it much better and easier, so they decided not to announce the launch of the first version. That would line up with Jim Collas' thinking. He (and the rest of the team) are always trying to improve on what they have. Now with the date looming, and the company on track, anticipation and excitment is at an alltime high.

Be excited folks, the future of Socialwise, and our investment, is nearly here.

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