Friday, May 15, 2009

SCLW - Breaking that .85 barrier- and not looking back

Just like a snake shedding its skin, Ideaedge shed its old name and symbol (IDAE) to emerge with new life as Socialwise.

Socialwise stock is rolling again! Right before the Bill my Parents launch as well. (Check out the new Bill my Parents website). I would anticipate the news early next week to go with this spike in volume and share price.
Now that we are on a roll, we have a few barriers to break. If we can break through the resistance at .85 to close out the week, I see an open door to $1 next week without any major resistance. With very strong Bid support running down into the mid .70's, we certainly wont see a reversal. Im hoping we can close at .87 or higher.

Buzz on the street has started up again, with realistic talk of a $6 share price by years end, and these are VERY conservative numbers. One person involved is saying they consider this a bust if it doesnt make $10, knowing what he knows.

We are a long, long way from that, but considering what is taking place right now, I would have to agree. Only 3 weeks ago, an .85 goal was as realistic (or seemed) as $5 is today. Ive seen a lot of pennies stock companies in my life, and majority of them are bust. But I must admit, Socialwise is truly 1 in 1000. All the hype and hope I have heard and shared over the last few months fell on deaf ears because of the share price and the general markets, however that is changing, and changing quickly. People are talking again.

A month ago the majority of complaints centered around share price of .27. Today the majority of complaints are "I wish I would have bought more at .30". Well, I told you, and Ill tell you again. Its not to late to average your position.

Its a new day for Socialwise....and its only just begun.

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