Saturday, March 7, 2009

Short Selling

One interesting observation is that we are not just seeing normal selling with IDAE. Some of it has been short selling. As of last week, short interest has increased on Socialwise/IdeaEdge by over 65%. Its still not very many shares at just over 50,000, but it has created a possible short squeeze on any run that may happen. (Short information is always a couple weeks out). The reason I believe the shorts are still in there is most of the buying lately has been out of our camp, and no reason to cover if the stock is trading sideways. It also shows why there has been pressure to try and close the stock on a downtick daily, yet for the most part we have maintained.

Short selling has its place, and its wrong to paint normal short selling as a evil practice. In this case it can actually be a plus for us (especially if you were one of the buyers). In a strong up day, many short sellers will cover only adding fuel to the fire (of buying). It will be interesting to see when the next big news hits, or next 100K share (with strong buying) will bring. I think we might be surprised.

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