Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's news- Bite Communications

It seems the significance of this news isnt grabbing as much attention as it should.


Todays news had little impact on the street, but this news is actually a very big plus for a small company like this. This is a global company with offices in London, Stockholm, China, San Fransisco, Los Angeles.

Bite Communications has some Large Cap public companies as clients.

A few to name: Panasonic, Intel, AMD, Samsung, Apple, Disney, Warner Bros. , British Airways, Red Bull, Pricegrabber, (and since IDAE wants to be the "paypal to kids") Paypal and Facebook.

IDAE is putting themselves in a position with some pretty heavy hitters. Fact is, that a relationship with a company like Bite will open lines of communication with companies such as Apple.

What Bite excels at is creating "brand awareness" in creating a national and global brand name, which is exactly what IDAE is focusing on with Bill My Parents (BMP).

With the target group spending $70 Billion a year, capturing 1% would be huge. I believe this is very realistic given there is NO other products like this. BMP has a chance to be "first to market"

Remember this is only focusing on 1 of 2 main business plans the company is executing.

This is an amazing opportunity for IDAE and its shareholders at these levels, this stock is a absolute steal in fact its over 25% below its lowest levels since the IR firms have started cleaning up the stock for the company back in March of 2008.

Whats changed? Only that the company is financed for the next 18 months, have products out and are executing their national business plan. Very few shares have even hit the float (only 2 MM) showing everyone that this is not a pump and dump. The only reason we are here is because of the general markets, and it has nothing to do with the company as a whole.

I will get into more detail later regarding BMP.

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