Saturday, February 7, 2009

Charts and fundementals....Please

I know there are a few of you that are tempted to read charts, because thats what you do. One look at this and I know what your thinking.... dump it, drop it, sell it all....or if your on the short side...grab a large position.

But not so fast. Let me give you some reasons.

Charts and fundamentals are important if your playing mid and Large caps, but really have little bearing on micro and small caps. Sure you can see trends, but what are causing the trends?

First off fundamentals are generally based on a company making revenue...that right there torpedo's most micro and small caps. (yes even Idae/Socialwise)

So again what will cause the trends?

Generally trends down here(in small caps) are caused by:

Hype- the very idea that the company is going to be huge. Can be from a promoter, or company direction and or news.

Fear- Better get in/out now cause I have a feeling Im missing something.

Dilution- If a companies float goes from 10MM to 100MM what do you think the trend will be (hint, its very bad)

and of course:

The day traders/trend readers- Hop aboard this puppy is going up, or short this hard, cause its bleeding red.

So if your a chart reader who goes long, all you can say is "Well I hope this has hit bottom".

I will admit, I dont read charts or look at trends. Im not moved by fear, and stopped believing the merit less hype long ago. I got tired of being that "sucker".

I feel sorry for those of you who are blinded by your technicals, and charts. Blinded by greed or fear, because your missing a company that I believe is one in 1000, if not one in 10,000.

If this was a pump and dump, we would be sub penny right now scratching our heads. If this was a pipe dream of a plan, then names like Amazon, Rock You, and even Apple wouldnt be seriously tied to them.

If this was a typical small cap management team you wouldnt have guys like Abrams and Webb, not to mention Collas linked to it.

What I do see with IdeaEdge is a VERY unique opportunity. There is no needless hype, no dilution of shares, no shady business partners, no pipe dream of a business plan, and not even the hope of a "big score". All around from management to plan, to promotion and execution, IDAE is different.

Even the underwriters are strong...still, after all this time. That should count for something. In fact one told me "I have my whole family in this..." good, so do I, and down here, so should you.

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