Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finding bottom

The stock is trying to find bottom here, and hopefully the selling pressure will let up. Really all this stock needs is time to breath and as the company progresses with more great news as we believe they will have in the near future we should start to see another strong run. I am surprised that the significance of today's news didnt have a bigger impact on the one big seller that seems to be in there.

The sell volume is so small that has caused this, showing that a small amount of buying, probably less than $100K on any given day should dramatically turn this around.

Really I dont understand who would sell here at such a loss unless they are in desperate times. Obviously some of the printing is coming from the Market makers, but that represents very little in the overall picture.

As I continue to update everyone Im going to share my opinion as what a great opportunity we have especially at these prices. First I want to comment on todays news.

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