Monday, July 6, 2009

After a slow month, some more great News

A slow and uneventful month as we hold the line at the .65-.75 support level. Not A whole lot going on with the stock. However I did want to update everyone while I had the chance on some recent developments on the company.

Recently Jim Collas stopped by at a small private function; without shareholders to impress, that I was attending. Speaking and listening to him only confirmed my suspicion that the company is in the perfect position despite what we see in the stock price. Jim remains extremely optimistic despite the lull in the stock because he knows what is happening behind the scenes with regards to the company.
Im sure many of you understand that on the small caps (penny stocks), share price has little to do with how the company is performing. In most cases a run up in share price can make one think that the company is doing well, when the company hasnt done anything (in some cases the only thing they have done is fraudulent). What we saw last summer with SCLW was true in the regard that the company hadnt launched its product, yet the stock went from .70 to $2.75+. They hadnt done anything. It was running on anticipation OF Anticipation! Others run on a "PUMP AND DUMP". (If your not familiar with this term, please click on it.) Just to reiterate if SCLW was a pump and dump....we would be sitting under .05 right now....

However this also can be true in the opposite sense, as we have this summer where the company is hitting major accomplishments, yet the stock hasnt caught up. This has to do with many factors, one of the main ones being investors unwillingness to take as many chances in this environment. (The media/Wall Street is telling us how great the stocks are doing, knowing that most of the fundamentals havent changed for the better. Its a false rally. Possibly a "Dead cat bounce" type move.) This would be true of Hedge funds as well. They would rather make another "hot play" than sit on a stock that hasnt started a run yet.

Talking with Jim I got a feeling that something major is just on the horizon. One of the main underwriters was also at the gathering , whom I know, was saying the same thing about the share price, that positive things are happening. I think as the company begins to perform , we are going to see the strong buying come on in force that has been waiting for the right moment. This will spur the run as regular investors clamor in to avoid "missing out". Of Course the short sellers will also show betting on a drop, but that is to be expected....its still a "market". Think of it as Poker game. Big buying doesnt want to show its hand to early and risk loosing ground (on the stock price). As far as time line that I can gather... it still remains end of the year. But I had one individual tell me "it could happen at any time".
Jim is careful not to "cross the line" in information he disseminates however from the buzz I hear outside the company is that big retailers are lining up VERY excited about what BMP offers.
It is my understanding is that the only "hold up" when it comes to major retailers like Amazon signing, is that they want to know the bugs are worked out before going "all in" with time and money. This will open the door to smaller retailers testing the waters (so to speak) as the first full service line comes on. This is happening now with the likes of Artix (not really a small company). I think we will encounter a snow ball effect when this starts to roll. Once one major name comes on, you will see many others lining up. Keep in mind, the company is finally making money (small amount, but now producing revenue).

Every company that has seen how BMP works has been excited. No one has thought it was a waste or wouldnt work! Sure there has been a few negative blogs, but if you read the complaints (especially from parents) they have little idea on how this works and will work for them. They still think it just "allows kids to bombard parents with request".... this could happen if they raise spoiled kids and dont use the resources and parameters put in place, but couldnt be farther from the truth. Once parents understand how to use it, it becomes a tool they can use....even if it is only to let junior pick a gift out for his father on his fathers birthday using a limited budget. I could not tell you how many people I heard 5-6 years ago saying they would "NEVER allow their kids to have a cell phone"...yet due to convenience of calling home or a parent checking in with their teenager, they have changed their mind and now love it. I guarantee this will happen with BMP for the small amount of doubters (who raise the biggest stink.) I have yet to hear a parent, investor, or friend doubt that this is a GREAT product when they fully understand how it works. Not one.

Hope everyone had a great things pick up, so will my blog posts. Again let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I check your blog a lot. I really hope this stock moves up soon!